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*Random Dreams...* - *Mr. Good Bar*
*Random Dreams...*
I had the strangest dreams this morning. Nicole and I went to bed around 3:30/4:00 our usual since were both not working right now and I had to get up at 8 because Verizon was supposed to come out and fix the phone hook-up to my alarm system. So alarm goes off at 7:55 for me to head downstairs and nap on the couch so I could hear them knocking on the door when they were here. At that time I was dreaming that I was in the car with someone, not sure who, most likely Nicole though but I was being pulled over. And for some reason as I was sitting in my car I remembered that I had Steve's (my step-dad) toolbox in my trunk and that I had gone through it the day before and it had a mini loaded revolver under the one drawer. So what does the cop in my dream have me do next, open my trunk and just as my alarm went off he had the gun in his hand. Whew, did I escape that one. L>O>L

So I'm on the couch now with Dublin trying to fall back to sleep and I start dreaming about me playing with Dublin's face and getting it all scrunched up and then she started making these faces that looked like she was a dog with a funny cat face. I don't know it was weird, but then I woke up again because it sounded like someone was in my back yard trash. Got off the couch no one there.

Back on the couch, my mom calls me, talk to her and then I fall back to sleep a third time. Now I start dreaming of school. In my dream my entire class had to come up with a lesson plan to teach 1st graders about carpentry. My partner John who I sit next to every week (who is hilarious to a tom boy like me) is the first one to teach the class and he has this whole thing written on the chalkboard. All I remember is that he had on the board three ways to answer his question and under those three ways were prizes you would get if you answered them a certain way. So the first way was MOUSE, the second one was HUMAN and the third one was CONDOR. I don't remember what was written under them because the Verizon guy started knocking and I had to get up. But it was funny though because I could totally see John have little kids do stupid things to answer his questions just so he could make fun of them the next week in class. He's one of those funny assholes if you know what I mean.

Ok well I'm awake now and I have to get ready to pick my mom up from her car inspection. My mom wants to go to Liberty Travel to do some research on our possible trip to Ireland sometime this year as my graduation present. Fucking sweet right? I am so excited!



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