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*V-day* - *Mr. Good Bar*
Even though it was like two weeks ago I just wanted to say that Valentines Day was amazing as usual. Nicole always makes special occasions feel like Christmas every time. We woke up that morning and she handed me a bag of presents. This cute little tan conversation heart covered teddy bear, a sweetheart certificate, two heart shaped tea light candle holders with tea lights in them, an shamrock keychain, a Celtic Knot thing to hang in my car, a Going Green T-Shirt, the Blink 182 Greatest Hits album, Weezer's new album Ratitude, the first season of Private Practice and Paris Hilton's Can Can perfume. Lots of stuff.

So my FINAL is Tuesday. I am SUPER nervous. I mean I'm prepared and everything for the written test, but as for the manual I know I'm going to have like an anxiety attack or something like I always do. That's if I even have enough hours to graduate so that I can take the test. We'll see I guess.

Well Nicole and I are gonna try and pull an all nighter playing Lego Indiana Jones. (I guess it's obvious I'm laid off again. L>O>L)


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