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*I'm missing you...* - *Mr. Good Bar*
*I'm missing you...*
Nicole just went home about an hour ago. The house feels empty once again, even though Shane & David are upstairs.

I'm watching my DVRed shows now, starting with Survivor. Usually not into this kinda show but Nicole got me into it.

So I went to Rothman Institute today to get my x-rays examined. I got there at like 2:40 which is half hour before the appointment like they asked me to. By the time they took all my information and I payed for the visit it was like 3:30. I think they called me back around 3:40 and I finally saw the doctor around 3:50. I can't believe how bad my insurance is. We don't have co-pays because of the reimbursement plan we have so this visit cost me $285. Crazy!!! So the doc looked at my ankle and said that I need to get an MRI done. But before I get the MRI done he wants me to get an X-ray done of my eyes first so that when I do eventually get the MRI in case there is any metal in my eyes it doesn't blind me. I have worked with metal in the last year so there is a possibility that there could be some in my eye considering I had what I thought was tar blow off the roof and into my eye so who knows. I'm gonna call NE Imaging tomorrow to schedule another xray. YAY!!!

Oh and to take away even MORE money from my bank account I had to take my car into the shop yesterday because of low tires. Here I had nails in both rear tires, I needed an oil change and they had to check my ABS because the light went on on the way to the shop. Basically $90 worth of work. Not as bad as all new tires though.

Well I'm gonna go relax and watch some TV and mope. :(


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lost_in_stars From: lost_in_stars Date: December 11th, 2009 04:58 am (UTC) (Link)


Northeast Imaging takes the WORST Xrays in the world. I used to be capitated to them. Then I got capitated to Roxborough, which may be worse lol. Now I have Personal Choice and I have to pay co-pays for films but I can go where I want. Thank bob I got my MRI out of my parents insurance. Sucks I couldn't get physical therapy out of it though. I'm paying 40 bucks a visit 3x a week!
From: (Anonymous) Date: April 2nd, 2011 09:14 pm (UTC) (Link)

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