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*yawn...* - *Mr. Good Bar*
Tossed and turned last night. Probably got 3 hours of sleep if that. As much as I'm super excited to see my bff Katie Mac get married this Saturday, I also can't wait to just relax on Sunday and maybe go to the zoo. My brain & body is on OVERLOAD. EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY lately is planned down to the T. My head was spinning last nite thinking about all I have to do in the next two days PLUS work overtime and I'm going crazy. Scary thing is, I got my dress back from alterations and I don't even know if it even fits still from the 10lbs or so I've gained back from all this stress. (EPIC FAIL if it doesn't...)

Well I better start getting ready for yet another ten hour day plus running around to do afterwards.


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imyouagain From: imyouagain Date: September 1st, 2011 04:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
well, i tried my best last night to calm you down.. ;) lol

youll be alright. the BODY is a MACHINE. you.can.do.it. YES.YOU.CAN...say it, YES.I.CAN. :D

sunday will be fun, zoo time with your bb. <3
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