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*Happy Easter* - *Mr. Good Bar*
*Happy Easter*
My mom's having a little Easter get together at her house today. Definitely looking forward to her cooking. Not looking forward to seeing my brother though. The last time I saw him my mom and I sorta bombarded him at his apartment to talk about the bail money that he refused to go downtown for (which has been resolved already, and the money has been payed back to all parties that contributed the night we bailed him out), which ended up in a screaming match and him walking out angry. Yea, def not looking forward to that.Were supposed to pay some Texas Hold Em' tonight too and Nicole is going with me and we have a secret alliance to win the pot. L>O>L I think its going to be like $60 or more.

Last night Shane and David came up from Delaware to visit us. We had conflicting ideas on what movie we wanted to see, Nicole and I suggested Shutter Island while the boys wanted to see Alice in Wonderland. So instead we went to Philly Park or Parx as they call it now. We had a couple drinks and played some slots. I broke even pretty much winning back my bought drink money but Nicole was up $30. Not too bad. I treated everyone to Sonic on the way home. Funniest moment of the night was when I asked Shane how much his dresser was that he had here when he was living at my house and he said it was over $200 because his was full wood. I know, I know, we are all perverts I guess. It's just funny to hear a gay guy say that. We all started cracking up.

Yesterday we also took Dublin to Petsmart to see Kelly and her her groomed. She is such a sweet heart. She didn't charge me a dime and clipped her nails for me, and bathed her with this like anti-shedding stuff, brushed her teeth and made her pretty. L>O>L I gave her a tip though because I know my Dubbers can be hard to handle sometimes. She smells SO GOOD now though and shes so soft, so were going to try and take her like once a month to get that anti-shedding treatment. For a short haired dog she sure sheds a shit ton. L>O>L

So I started a new job. It's in Somers Point, NJ. It's about 73 miles away from my house which is a good hour and 15 minutes or more a day. We are building the 9th St. bridge that connects Somers Point to Ocean City. Its a concrete job. I took a couple pictures and as soon as my most recent ones get sent to my e-mail I am going to upload them to Facebook for whoever follows me on there. My first day on the job I didn't know if I should be excited or scared to death. They not only gave me a bright ass yellow reflector vest that is to be worn at all time on the job site, they gave me a brand new harness with a brights green lanyard as well as a life jacket. Crazy stuff huh? I actually got to work on the barges last week where we had to wear our life jackets all week. We literally have to ride in on a boat to get the where we have to work, but the downside is it's been hot and we have to wear the life jacket at all times. Not to mention that harness and my tool belt that has acquired more weight to it with the new tools that I got for this job. I've already lost 5lbs without even trying. L>O>L Anyways, this job is supposed to last 2-3 years which means I'm probably going to have to get a new car in the next year or so with all the mileage I'm putting on it. Also if this means a steady job for me I am going to really try to finish fixing up my house, pay down on my mortgage and save like crazy. Jersey carpenters get paid like $2 more an hour as well. Plus we have been working 10 hour days when its nice and not raining out (which it did on my birthday and Tuesday as well, so I didn't mind the early quit) and supposedly were going to be working some Saturdays as well. Mostly all of the guys are really nice and easy to work with. The view is amazing and I am very grateful to be working full time right now.

Nicole has been an angel to me, taking care of Dublin for me while I work. It means a lot to me. I'm really hoping that this gives her to extra push for her to live with me. We've been dancing around it for about a year now, me more than her of course, but I'm hoping she decides to stay. We really don't fight when she's here, it's when shes in NY that things can get ugly because of the lack of being able to talk to each other whenever we want and just being around each other. We really miss that too when shes gone. L>O>L

I took my final in school. It went pretty well. I studied my ass off for the written and I know I passed that with flying colors and then I got a 55 out of a possible 60 on the manual which I was VERY happy about because the manual stuff is usually where I'm not so good. We also had our picture day a couple Friday's ago, which was really nice to see all my guys dressed in suits. Ladies you would of been swooning because a lot of them are REALLY nice looking in work clothes, let alone all cleaned up. L>O>L So that means I am officially done school until May 27th, which is graduation at the Hyatt down at Penns Landing. I'm really considering having like a joint graduation party with Carrie at a hall somewhere. Not sure though. I just want to see all my friends and hang out and have a good time. Maybe I'll just do something at my house. What do you guys think?

Anyways, my birthday was really nice. I got money from all the usual relatives. Nicole's mom got me a Home Depot gift card, as well as Shane and David. Nicole got me a ton of stuff, like the Grey's Anatomy season 4 & 5 box sets, these green picture decoration things to hang up on my wall, Japanese Blossom Body scrub & lotion, and some other little things that I can't remember right now. L>O>L My dad and step-mom Lin got me a new vacuum cleaner (THANK GOD!!! The one my mom gave me was from like the 70's or something and it didn't work for nothing!!!)

Well this entry is getting extremely long. I'm going to end it with my trip to Ireland. Since I thought I was going to be laid off for a while my mom and I booked it for the 24th of April and what do you know I get a job. L>O>L But were still going anyway. We leave on April 24th and we get back on May 2nd. I am SUPER EXCITED! I am going to take TONS AND TONS AND TONS of pictures. It's just me and my mom too which should be nice. It's a bus tour around Southern Ireland and we have a lot of destinations which I'm really looking forward too.

I hope all is well with everyone & Happy Easter!


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