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*All smiles...* - *Mr. Good Bar*
*All smiles...*
Nicole is here to visit me!!! She came on Sunday night even though she wasn't feeling well and she is leaving tomorrow. :( We exchanged X-mas presents on Sunday too. I got her the Frappe maker from Target amongst a bunch of other little things for her to open in her stocking. She got me like 2 sets of Bath & Body works scents, two sets of wallflowers and a Target gift card. Oh and she got me a stuffed animal too. L>O>L

So I'm still laid off, which is fine though because I'm going to Arizona next week to see my step brother Ryan graduate from ASU. I just hope I don't miss a major test or get in trouble for missing school next week. On Monday I'm going to my dads to spend the night and then our flight is on Tuesday morning at 7am and we are getting back Saturday night. SUPER EXCITED!!!

Tomorrow I'm finally going to Rothman so they can look at the x-rays of my ankle. Kinda nervous about that. My ankle feels better when I'm not working but then when I am back on my feet for 8 hours a day it kills! I'll keep you guys posted.

Well Nicole is out of the shower, were gonna go shopping and I'm taking her out to Red Lobster for dinner I think, or wherever else she wants to go. I'm gonna go get ready.


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