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*I'm a dick...I'm addicted to you* - *Mr. Good Bar*
*I'm a dick...I'm addicted to you*
So my baked ziti came out awesome once again. Well I can't take all the credit, because Tarah (Shane's sister) gave me the recipe and all. Besides Shane, David and I, my mom, Steve (my step dad), Julie, Melanie, and Jess all came over. My house was pretty packed but it was a good time. I love cooking for a lot of people. I wish I was working full time because I would totally try making different dishes and stuff for people. I also love that I usually make enough to share it with my grandmom. Her and my pop LOVE my cooking. L>O>L

I have a crap ton of stuff on my mind right now but a lot of people read this so I guess I can't vent. Sometimes I really think I need to make a personal journal so I can write whatever I want about anyone I want and not have to worry about what my friends or whoever think of me after they read it. Lately I've had a lot of let downs and a lot of just negative thoughts. Sometimes I really just wish that I was all alone.

I wish I had a JOB!!! I mean I'm glad that I'm getting things done around the house and all, but being laid off and not making as much money that I would be getting if I was working sucks. Not to mention that I'm used to getting paid weekly and with unemployment you wait almost three weeks to get another check.

Anyways, on a good note...Melanie and I went on a puppy play date today for the first time since the end of August. We even brought Charlie with us. It was a good time and I definitely missed Arlo tons!!! He is so HANDSOME!!! I'm not sure how long she is staying for until she goes back to MA but it's still fun to hang out with her again. I still can't get over the fact that I've known her since 2nd grade. I wish Rachel Smith and I hung out more too, we've been friends since 1st grade. The girl was and probably always will be like a little sister to me.

Tomorrow I'm going with David (Shane's boyfriend) to their new apartment to help him with the new furniture that they are getting tomorrow. Shane and David are moving to DE in February. Definitely going to miss those guys, but I kinda wanna see what living alone is going to be like as well. Well we have to be in DE before 9am so I guess I should get to bed soon.


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